Helping you get better by employing a powerful blend of proven science, common sense and a caring personalized approach.

Functional Medicine

Redline Specialty Pharmacy addresses the physiological and environmental factors that influence health and disease. In other words, we focus on treating the cause of the problem, not just masking the symptoms.


Compounding is the art and science of formulating unique and specific medications to match your unique situation.

Home Infusion

Infusion therapy is the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. It is used when your condition is so severe that it cannot be treated with oral medications.

Success Stories

“I never used to struggle with my weight until I reached my mid-thirties.  I have always exercised regularly and I didn’t eat terribly, but I still continued to gain weight…a pound or two every few months.  I decided I needed to eat healthier and I......

“My name is Cheryl Blankenship, I’m 49 and a mother of three. At my heaviest I was 175 and I knew that I was heading for medical issues with my weight and I just didn’t feel good, but I didn’t want to try any more......


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Personalized Solutions Dispensed

Tim Redline, PharmD

I am grateful to have a company where we can provide a respectful and positive work environment where team members are valued and have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives.

Hilarie Redline, PharmD

I enjoy helping people feel better by changing their diets, helping them choose the correct nutritional supplements and by balancing their hormones. This can really change a patient’s view on life.

Jen Ramaekers, PharmD

Working at Redline has given me the opportunity to play a major role in helping women regain control of their bodies at many different stages of their lives. Through hormone therapy, diet and nutrition, I can see substantial changes in the quality of the lives in the women I work with.

Brandee Schram, PharmD

I love working in a place where patient-first care and going the extra mile are truly a part of every day work.