27% of Acne Patients Don’t Get Some or Any of Their Meds

27% of Acne Patients Don’t Get Some or Any of Their Meds

A recent study found that 27% of acne patients do not fill some or all of their prescribed acne treatments.

Acne has multiple causes and multiple treatments are often the best course. However, this study shows that the more complex the regimen the less likely you are to follow it.  This study also found that patients who were prescribed two medications had the highest rate of non-adherence at 40%.

Common reasons for non-adherence include not understanding the treatment, frequency of application and the high cost of multiple medications.

Compounding can address several of these reasons for non-adherence including:
*Combining medications to reduce the number of prescriptions
*Significantly reduced cost for many compounded acne treatments

While this study was limited to acne treatments, these results could be applied to other dermatologic conditions like eczema or and psoriasis.

If you or a family member have acne, contact us about our cost-effective compounded options.

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