Atropine Eye Drops

Low strength atropine eye drops have been shown to be well tolerated with few side effects and little effect on pupil size or vision at strengths up to 0.05%.* Higher strengths don’t appear to offer greater efficacy but come with greater side effects.

How do I prescribe Atropine eye drops for my patients?

Request our simple atropine eye drop order form to order for your patients. We will call your patient and gather any additional information and ship the medication directly to them.

How are Atropine eye drops dispensed?

Patients receive 3 X 3ml bottles with instructions to use 1 bottle for 2 weeks stored in the refrigerator while freezing the other two bottles for a total of a 6 week supply. After 2 weeks, the first bottle is discarded and a second bottle is used while stored refrigerated (see figure 1). This is to ensure the stability and sterility of the medication.

What do Atropine eye drops cost?

We accept all insurance plans and FSA/HSA cards. Currently, all three Nebraska managed Medicaid plans cover this treatment. Commercial coverage is generally limited for this compounded medication and the cost ranges from $100 – $150 depending on the strength. We recommend letting those parents know the cost up front. This price includes FedEx Next Day Air cold shipping.

How do Atropine eye drops ship?

We compound and ship atropine eye drops every Wednesday. It is shipped cold via FedEx Next Day Air directly to your patient at no additional cost. We will reach out to your patient every 6 weeks to confirm their refill and schedule their shipment.

Where can I learn more about Atropine eye drops?

To learn more about low strength Atropine eye drops, check out the published resources and clinical studies below. If you’d like to set up a time to discuss this treatment option for your adolescent patients with myopia, feel free to call the pharmacy (402-462-2929) or send us a message. We are here to help!