Men’s Health

You may have noticed you don’t have the stamina, sex drive, motivation or strength you did 10 years ago. Is this a normal part of aging? Yes. Can it be improved? Yes. Men undergo a much more gradual decline when it comes to hormone changes. Women hit menopause around age 51 with a period of about 10 years leading up to that with changing hormone levels. Men experience a decline in hormones starting around age 30. Since there is not any one event or outright symptom (like hot flashes) that signal this decline, symptoms in men often go undetected or ignored.

This has changed in the past several years with men taking more control of their health and seeking the same hormone balance help that women have enjoyed for decades. While testosterone decline is the most important factor in andropause many of the symptoms (fatigue, depression, low sex drive, loss of muscle mass) can be caused by lifestyle or medications.

We take a functional approach to men’s health by identify the cause of your symptoms and formulating an individualized solution tailored for you. Talk to one of our team members today about how we can help you feel better.

Tim Redline, PharmD