Pain Management & Topical Pain Relief Cream

For pain management, compounding offers several solutions to help ease the pain of arthritis, neuropathy or other types of joint pain. Oral medications expose the whole body to the effects of that medication which may lead to unwanted side effects, drug interactions or worsening of other diseases.

Topical pain relief cream (or transdermal gels) which are applied to the site of pain provide a great option as a pain management solution for you to target your pain. Transdermal gels are compounded using a special penetration enhancing base to help drive certain medications through the skin to the underlying cause of your pain. These medications can include:

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Anesthetic
  • Medications to block neuropathic pain

Very little of this medication actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream making it a safer alternative to oral medications which expose your whole body. Compounded topical pain relief creams (or gels) may also be covered by your insurance plan.

Contact us or ask your healthcare provider about any of our compounded pain management solutions.