Did You Know You Can Receive Intravenous (IV) Medication in Your Own Home?

Did You Know You Can Receive Intravenous (IV) Medication in Your Own Home?

Did You Know You Can Receive Your Intravenous (IV) Medication in Your Own Home?


Home administration of intravenous (IV) therapy offers a number of advantages, including : 

  • Decreased Cost
  • Decreased Risk of Catheter-Related Infections 
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction. 


Now more than ever home infusion is an excellent choice for your infusion therapy to reduce exposure risk and keep you out of the hospital. 


Cost Savings:

The reduced cost associated with Home Infusion Antibiotic Therapy (HIAT) offers a significant advantage over administration in an inpatient setting. The cost of infusion therapy administered in the home care setting can be ⅓ or less than the cost of inpatient infusion therapy. 



The idea of infusions in your own home is appealing to most patients, as you are likely most comfortable in their own home. We see that patients are often able to return to work or other normal activities and are more closely connected with a supportive social network when receiving infusions at home. These things can be beneficial in decreasing the time to recovery. 



Infection rates among patients receiving home infusion antibiotic therapy are low. In a systematic literature review, when examining PICC lines, the rate of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CR-BSI) in home and outpatient settings was 1 per 1000 device-days, which was approximately one-half that of inpatient settings.


If you are wanting to get your infusions done in your own home rather than a clinic or hospital, or have questions, give us a call at 402-462-2929. Our dedicated team of infusion pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians and infusion nurses can help you manage your IV antibiotic therapy from start to finish. 


Redline Specialty Pharmacy is a Nebraska Home Infusion Pharmacy and part of the Vital Care network of infusion pharmacies. We are the only accredited home infusion pharmacy between Omaha and Denver and serve the entire state of Nebraska.