Fast Dissolving Piroxicam for Migraine Sufferers

Fast Dissolving Piroxicam for Migraine Sufferers

There is a very large number of migraine sufferers who need acute treatment other than triptans. If you are one of these, read on to learn about a novel treatment option for acute migraine attacks.

A 1993 study published in the journal Headache looked at utilizing piroxicam in a sublingual dosage form with good results. We compound piroxicam sublingual troches for patients needing alternative abortive migraine treatments. A summary of the study is below.

In this study they evaluated the efficacy of a new preparation (Fast Dissolving Dosage Form–FDDF) of piroxicam (40 mg in a single sublingual dose) in the acute treatment of migraine.

The study plan involved 40 patients with migraine without aura who had to take Piroxicam FDDF (or placebo) within 2 hours from the beginning of a migraine attack. Pain intensity and associated symptoms were evaluated in the basal condition and then monitored at intervals for 24 hours.

In the group of patients treated with the piroxicam, a significant reduction of pain intensity was observed after only 15 minutes. After an hour, headache has disappeared in 15 out of 20 patients, become mild in 4 and remained unchanged in only one subject. Associated symptoms also quickly disappeared after Piroxicam FDDF administration and headache recurred in only two patients within the 24 hour period. Sublingual administration of Piroxicam FDDF was well tolerated: no systemic side-effects were reported and only two subjects complained about the taste which was described as mild and short-lasting.

Piroxicam FDDF has been shown in this preliminary study to have striking efficacy in the acute treatment of migraine. The treatment is characterized by quick onset, long duration and good tolerability.

If you are interested in this treatment for migraines, contact one of our pharmacists or your healthcare provider.