Discover How You Can Achieve a Life with Less Hot Flashes, More Sleep and More Energy

85% of women will suffer through a hormone imbalance throughout their life.

You are not alone!

Do you relate to any of the scenarios below?

Ugh. Hot Flashes.

How aggravating is it when you’re at work, in the middle of a big project and you can begin to feel your face flush red? Ah, now you’re working up a sweat, and you know it’ll be about 5.7 seconds before your whole body is burning up. It’s happening… you’re having a hot flash.  The thing about hot flashes is, you can’t control when/where you get them. But, you can control what you do to prevent hot flashes from occurring.

Just want to sleep?

Do you get ready for bed every night thinking tonight will be the night you FINALLY get a good night’s rest, only to wake up an hour later tossing and turning? Is flipping the covers off, back on, sticking one leg out, then ripping the covers off becoming a nightly occurrence? OR, are you waking up in the middle night lying in a pool of your own sweat? These are all normal things… but you don’t have to live with them! You deserve a good night’s rest, every night!

What the pudge?

Do you eat pretty clean, but are still noticing weight gain around your midsection? Why do you eat healthy if it doesn’t seem to matter? Don’t lose hope! The new tummy pudge is not here to stay! While Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is not a weight loss therapy, correcting a hormone imbalance may be able to help you with this issue!

Where is the love?

One of the symptoms we hear many women complain about is their lack of sex drive. Sometimes this is due to pain during sex, pain after sex, or just no desire to have sex with their partner. Not only is this symptom frustrating for you, but it can be as equally frustrating for your partner. We have been able to successfully help women begin to feel like themselves again, and give them the confidence and ability to connect with their partner. In fact, one of our hormone patients even said, “Using cBHT restored my hope in my relationship with my husband and my body.”

I’m cranky and I know it.

Your husband can’t find the shirt he’s looking for, dinner’s not in the oven yet, and one of the kids needs help with homework. You snap. Your kid gets yelled at for something that didn’t warrant that reaction, but you can’t help it. You bury your face in your hands and start crying. You can usually tolerate all of these things happening at once, but lately it’s been a struggle. You’re irritable, and you don’t know why. You deserve answers! Let’s help you find them.

Conventional vs. Bioidentical Hormones

What’s the difference between conventional and bioidentical hormones? Conventional hormones may be synthetic and are one-size-fits-all, while bioidentical hormones are exact copies of the hormones that your body naturally produces and are customized based on your individual needs.

No one understands how you are feeling better than we do. We are here to find a solution for you, to help you start feeling like yourself again.

Fixing a hormone imbalance is easier than living with one.

You deserve to have hormones that are tailored to you and your individual needs. Your symptoms and needs for hormone therapy are not the same as your next door neighbor, your best friend, or your child’s school teacher, which is why we believe an individualized approach to hormone therapy works best.

Not only is compounded bioidentical hormone therapy individualized to you and your unique needs, but they are also the exact same hormones that your body naturally produces.

Our hormone team has over 20 years of combined experience, and we are confident that we can find a solution for you to help you get better.

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Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy FAQs

What Is Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Or cBHT?

Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy or “cBHT” is an individualized way to manage PMS, Perimenopause or Menopausal symptoms. Most symptoms of menopause are caused by an imbalance in 1 or more hormones. Compounding pharmacies like ours can customize your hormone therapy. Correcting imbalances with bioidentical hormones can not only relieve your symptoms but also help you feel like yourself again.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance?

Hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive, foggy thinking, irritability, poor sleep, and many others can be symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

Can I Get Bioidentical Hormones From My Regular Pharmacy?

Yes. There are several FDA approved hormone replacement products that contain bioidentical hormones which may work for you. Unfortunately, they only address one or two hormone imbalance that may be causing your symptoms.

Are Compounded Bioidentical Hormones FDA Approved?

No. Compounded bioidentical hormones do not go through the FDA approval process. It is impossible for this to happen since they are customized for your individual situation. They are compounded in our accredited compounding lab with ingredients from FDA registered suppliers following federal and state compounding guidelines. 

Do I Need To Test My Hormones Before Starting?

We recommend testing your hormones before starting any type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Advances in salivary hormone tests can help you easily identify the hormones that are causing your symptoms, so you are not taking hormones you do not need. Hormone testing can help focus your therapy, so you get the best results.

Do I Need A Prescription From My Doctor For Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Yes. We work in collaboration with your healthcare provider and will contact them for approval for any type of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. We can contact them for you after your hormone test and pharmacist consultation.

Are The Hormone Tests Covered By Insurance?

The hormone test may be covered by your insurance and we will prepare a form for you to submit it to them.

Are The Hormone Prescriptions Covered By Insurance?

The hormone prescriptions may be covered by your insurance. Coverage varies but we will try to bill them for you and let you know.

What Do I Do To Get Started?

Fill out the form to the upper-left and we can help you on your way to hormone balance and feeling your best.

What Locations Does Redline Serve?

We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado and South Dakota.