Anti-Infective Therapies

Anti-infective therapies are a broad category of medical treatments used to combat infectious diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These therapies aim to inhibit the growth and reproduction of the infectious agent, eliminate the infection, and restore health to the affected individual. Our home infusion pharmacy is happy to work with you and your healthcare team to find a solution that will help you get better.

Who Needs Anti-Infective Therapy?

Anti-Infective Therapy may be needed by individuals who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of developing infectious diseases caused by microorganisms. Some situations where Anti-Infective Therapy may be required include:

  • Active Infections
  • Prophylaxis
  • Immunocompromised Individuals
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections (hospitals/long-term care facilities)
  • High-Risk Populations (elderly, young children, pregnant women, individuals with chronic conditions)

It’s important to note that the decision to initiate anti-infective therapy is made by healthcare professionals based on the specific circumstances and the individual’s medical condition.

How Often do Patients Receive Anti-Infective Therapy?

The frequency of receiving anti-infective therapy varies widely depending on the specific infection, the severity of the condition, the type of anti-infective agent used, and the individual patient’s response to treatment. Those with acute infections may take AIT for one or two weeks, while patients who are immunocompromised or have chronic infections can expect to take AIT long-term.

What are Some Examples of Anti-Infective Therapy?

  1. Antibiotics – fight bacterial infections
  2. Antivirals – inhibit the replication and spread of viruses
  3. Antifungals – fight fungal infections
  4. Antiparasitics – helps get rid of infections caused by parasites
  5. Antiseptics and Disinfectants – prevents and controls infections on external surfaces, wounds and objects
  6. Vaccines – preventative measure to stimulate the immune system

How are Anti-Infective Therapies Administered?

There are several ways Anti-Infective Therapies can be administered. The route of administration depends on the specific medication, the type of infection and the patient’s needs.

  1. Orally – by mouth
  2. Topically – applied to the affected area of the body
  3. Intravenous (IV) Administration – administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein
  4. Intramuscular (IM)/Subcutaneous (SC) Injection – Injection into the muscle
  5. Inhalation – Breathing medication in (common in respiratory tract infections)

The specific route of administration will depend on factors such as the drug’s properties, the infection site, the patient’s condition, and the healthcare provider’s judgment. Healthcare professionals determine the appropriate administration method based on these considerations and ensure that the selected route maximizes the effectiveness and safety of the anti-infective therapy.

Are there Side Effects from Anti-Infective Therapy?

Side effects from Anti-Infective Therapy vary depending on the medication you are receiving. It is important that if you notice something, you let your team of healthcare providers, or your infusion pharmacy team know. Most side effects are typical (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite), but in some cases can be more severe.

Do I need a Prescription for Anti-Infective Therapy?

If you think you could benefit from Anti-Infective Therapy, or are curious to learn more about it, we recommend speaking with your healthcare provider. You will need a prescription from your healthcare provider to start any type of anti-infective therapy. Our team can assist you with administration, teaching, follow-up and more.

Is Anti-Infective Therapy Covered by Insurance?

As part of the Vital Care network of home infusion pharmacies, we are an in-network provider with most all insurance carriers and are able to work with your insurance company to provide your infusion services at the lowest out-of-pocket cost for you.

When you work with us, you get the local care you deserve with the strength of a national company. Our dedicated insurance team will work with your insurance company saving you time and hassle. Call the pharmacy at 402-462-2929 or email to see how we can help you get better with our accredited home infusion services.