“Hormone Testing Helped Me Enjoy My Life Again!”

“Hormone Testing Helped Me Enjoy My Life Again!”

Lack of energy, mind fog and a desire to sleep all the time had Stacey looking for change.  A recommendation from her doctor as well as a friend helped her to get in contact with Dr. Jen Ramaekers, a pharmacist with Redline Specialty Pharmacy, who specializes in Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (cBHT).

After a saliva hormone test and initial consultation, Dr. Ramaekers recommended a combination of Progesterone, DHEA and Testosterone Cream all of which are compounded right here in the lab at Redline Specialty Pharmacy and specifically made to help with Stacey’s symptoms.  These compounded items along with a targeted over the counter supplement have her feeling like a new woman.

Stacey says she would do it over again and has recommended Dr. Ramaekers and the cBHT program to several friends who are experiencing similar symptoms.

For more information on how symptoms of sleepiness and low energy could be resolved through hormone testing and a consultation, schedule your discovery call now! This is a FREE, 15-minute, no obligation, informational call with our one of our trained hormone specialists.

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