How Do You Pick a Multivitamin That is Right for You?

How Do You Pick a Multivitamin That is Right for You?

It is hard to look at the vast options available for multivitamins and know which is best for you.  Many times we are just drawn to the ones we have seen on TV.  Often, these are not the most readily absorbed and do not contain the right combination of vitamins and nutrients that we are needing at certain times in our lives. Your age, activity level, BMI (body mass index), medication usage and stress level can all effect the multivitamin that is right for you.

Redline offers a variety of choices for multivitamins.  If you are looking to start taking a good multivitamin, I suggest taking our Innate brand of vitamins (Men’s One Daily | Women’s One Daily).  They are a whole food vitamin.  This means that the nutrients are extracted from organically grown food and then compacted into a tablet.  Many other vitamins have the nutrients synthesized in the laboratory and are then pressed into a capsule or tablet.  The benefit of whole food vitamins is the ease of absorption.  Since the nutrients are food based, you gut has a much easier time absorbing them and utilizing in your body.  People with allergies to environmental agents should read the labels carefully to make sure the nutrients were not derived from something in which they are allergic.

Another quality vitamin available is Active Life Nutrient Caps.  These are a once daily nutrient with less residual plant substance for those patients with allergy issues.  Active Life Nutrients are a great choice for individuals currently taking a statin medication for cholesterol, because they provide CoQ10 which becomes depleted with statin therapy.  It also contains chromium to aid in appetite suppression and lutein for eye support.

If you struggle with chronic stress, I recommend taking Super Adrenal Stress.  This multivitamin was developed by Dr. James Wilson, author of Adrenal Fatigue.  It is specifically formulated to provide the nutrients your body needs to continue to produce cortisol when under chronic stressful situations.  The most important component of the Super Adrenal Stress multi is vitamin B5, aka pantothenic acid.  This vitamin is vital in allowing the body to use other hormones to help support the adrenal glands and your stress response.

The final vitamin we offer is Men’s Pure Pack.  These vitamins are a packaged set of vitamins including fish oil, saw palmetto, vitamin D, CoQ10 and magnesium as well as a multivitamin.  They are made by Pure Encapsulations which takes extra care not to add any fillers that may cause allergic reactions.  They are a high quality, conveniently packaged source to provide men a very strong nutritional base.

We would love to help you find the right vitamin for you.  Please call the pharmacy and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

-Article written by Redline Specialty Pharmacy Pharmacist – Jen Ramaekers