“Ideal Protein Helped us Have a Baby!”

“Ideal Protein Helped us Have a Baby!”

” My IP journey started in June 2019. My husband Joseph, and I had been trying to start our family for over a year. Since January 2019 we had been working with a fertility specialist in Omaha on pinpointing the source of our struggle. On June 20, 2019 I had an Outpatient Laparoscopy that showed moderate to severe PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) meaning I had a long history of not ovulating which had caused irregular cycles and my ovaries to be much larger in size. The next step in my journey was to be a surgery called an Ovarian Wedge Resection, a corrective measure that would restore the ovaries to appropriate size and functionality.

Unfortunately, my doctor and anesthesiologist had concerns about the next surgery due to my weight. I struggled to breathe during the Laparoscopy due to my weight. The next surgery was to be much more invasive and a longer procedure. When my fertility doctor explained the issue to my husband and I, I felt very emotional and hopeless as previous attempts with weight loss had fallen short. The doctor wouldn’t schedule my Ovarian Wedge Resection until I had lost at least 20 pounds. I was really hoping to have the surgery done within the same year for insurance purposes. She gave me a list of potential weight loss programs that previous patients with PCOS had found successful. The Ideal Protein protocol was on the list and I had heard multiple local success stories out of the Redline Pharmacy in my home town of Hastings.

I stopped into Redline for information and was greeted by Coach Courtney. She was very welcoming and upbeat about the program. I took some information home and talked it over with Joseph. We knew our “Why” and so decided to enroll me in the program. I saw Courtney every week, taking measurements, stocking up on food, and going over my sometimes-completed food journal. Courtney covered my journal in stickers and motivational words to help keep me on track. I started the new protocol July 1st and by mid-August had reached my initial 20 pound surgery weight loss goal. I called to schedule my Ovarian Wedge Resection for September 3rd. I remember how excited and proud I was to make that call.

By the time surgery came around, I had doubled the weight loss and felt much more at ease about anesthesia. The surgery was a success and the doctor was very impressed with my progress.

By December, only five months into the program, I was celebrating 70 pounds gone! On December 8, I took a home pregnancy test that confirmed we were finally going to be parents. In late July 2020, we welcomed our sweet peanut into this world.

I am overwhelmed with the success of our journey and credit much of it to the Ideal Protein program, Redline Pharmacy, and the amazing coaches Courtney and Tammy. The program, as with any major lifestyle change, is difficult at the beginning. That is what makes the weekly check ins so important to long term success. Support from family, friends, and coworkers is also vital to success.

Redline, thank you for bringing this program to Hastings and for empowering our community toward better health through the program and coaches.” – Jenny Pittz


For more information call or e-mail our coaches – 402.462.2929:
Courtney (courtney@redlinepharmacy.com)
Tammy (tammy@redlinepharmacy.com)
*The results are those of the individuals that is identified.  Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost during the first two weeks and up to 2 pounds per week thereafter when the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method is followed properly.  You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.