Meet the Hormone Team

Meet Hilarie!

Hi, my name is Hilarie Redline. I am a pharmacist and co-owner of the pharmacy. I have been working with bioidentical hormones for over 15 years. I am excited to make help men and women feel better by acheiving hormone balance. I look forward to continuing to provide you the best possible care.

Meet Tammy!

Hi, my name is Tammy Henry. I am a hormone specialist and Ideal Protein Coach here at the pharmacy. I have worked at Redline Pharmacy for over 4 years. While we will miss Jen, I am excited to have Hilarie take over the hormone program, full time. I look forward to continuing to work with our hormone patients and provide the best possible care for them as we make this transition. We are committed to continuing the great, personal care our patients have come to know.