Natural Remedies to Combat Cold, Flu and COVID-19

Natural Remedies to Combat Cold, Flu and COVID-19

It is that time of year where we get many questions about how to prevent getting a cold, sinus infection, influenza, and this year, preventing COVID-19. Boosting your immune system with a vitamin or supplement can help your body fight off these illnesses!

Wash your hands.  Wash them often and wash long enough to sing the ABC’s or about 20 seconds to adequately kill viruses. Get plenty of sleep and exercise.  Both of these help you reduce stress.  When you’re stressed out and tired your body does not naturally fight off infections very well.

Take your vitamins and supplements. 

There are several supplements that are good at helping boost your immune system. The following are a list of vitamins and supplements we carry at Redline Specialty Pharmacy to help you:

Probiotics: Your immune system starts in your gut.  Probiotics support healthy gut flora.  Making sure your gut is in good shape with good bacteria will help you be able to fight off infections. Redline Specialty Pharmacy carries a variety of high-quality probiotics like Florajen for daily support and high potency multi-strain products for more intense support.

Selenium:  Selenium has been shown to help increase immune response against influenza.  Take 1 200 mcg capsule daily.

Vitamin D:  Vitamin D is an immune system modulator which means it necessary to help fight off infections.  Most people in our area don’t get enough Vitamin D, especially through the winter.  You can have your Vitamin D level tested; optimal range is 50 to 75ng/ml but most people need 1000IU to 5000IU daily to help boost your immune system.

Elderberry:  Elderberry can be used both for the prevention and treatment of influenza.  Elderberry has been used naturally for years to prevent and shorten duration of respiratory tract infections and influenza due to it’s antiviral properties.  We carry Elderberry in both a syrup and lozenge form.

Oscillococcinum: This has shown to naturally shorten the duration of and severity of flu like symptoms.  Take this at the first sign of symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.

Give us a call, stop in, order online at, or ask us to send one or more of these products with your next prescription.