Now is the Time to Treat Fungal Nails

Now is the Time to Treat Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infections account for nearly half of all nail disorders and with treatment taking 6 months or more to clear, now is the time to start to be ready for summer sandal season.

Currently available oral prescription products for this condition offer higher cure rates ranging from 15-40% but have several drawbacks including drug interactions and rare but serious hepatotoxicity.

Prescription Jublia® Topical Solution 10% and Kerydin™  topical solution, 5% are available commercially but cost between $500 and $1500!


If you have toenail fungus and oral treatment is not appropriate or topical treatment is not effective or affordable, we have a compounded option to meet your needs.

We have been compounding an itraconazole based topical treatment for toenail fungus for several years with good success, but we recently came across a new formulation which contains several different antifungals for potentially even better results.

This formulation contains a higher strength of itraconazole in addition to fluconazole, ciclopirox and terbinafine. By combining 3 different classes of antifungals we expect even greater results.

For more information give us a call or ask your healthcare provider.