Our Team

Tim Redline, PharmD

I am grateful to have a company where we can provide a respectful and positive work environment where team members are valued and have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives.

Hilarie Redline, PharmD

I enjoy helping people feel better by changing their diets, helping them choose the correct nutritional supplements and by balancing their hormones. This can really change a patient’s view on life.

Jen Ramaekers, PharmD

Working at Redline has given me the opportunity to play a major role in helping women regain control of their bodies at many different stages of their lives. Through hormone therapy, diet and nutrition, I can see substantial changes in the quality of the lives in the women I work with.

Brandee Schram, PharmD

I love working in a place where patient-first care and going the extra mile are truly a part of every day work.

Jocelyn Toben, PharmD

I love working for a pharmacy that is focused on using teamwork to provide better individualized solutions for our patients to help them get better.

Miranda Hopper, PharmD

I am so grateful to be a part of the team here at Redline Specialty Pharmacy, with people who have the same goal in mind: doing what is best for our patients.

Jolynn Segelke, CPhT

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a “helper”, and at Redline Pharmacy I have the amazing opportunity to help individuals reclaim independence and wellness as they receive home therapy.

Makala Boeselager, CPhT

Working at Redline Pharmacy allows me to constantly grow in my career and learn new things every day. I love knowing that what I do can make patients feel better.

Gabby Bohrer, CPhT

I enjoy being part of the pharmacy’s lab team.  Helping people get better is part of what we do everyday.

Shailyn Glinsmann, CPhT

I like working at Reline because the atmosphere is always cheery and happy. Everyone here really looks out for each other and is focused on a successful future.

Hilary Ham, CPhT

I love working with a team that is always supportive. We work well together and towards one common goal: to help our patients get better.

Penny Redinger, CPhT

My favorite part of working at Redline is compounding. I love the challenge of compounding, knowing that I am not only helping people but sometimes animals too!

Jenna Steiner, CPhT

My favorite part of working at Redline is compounding. I love knowing that what I do can help someone feel better. I also love the amazing, supportive team I get to come to work with each day!

Courtney Peters, Ideal Protein Coach

I am very passionate about my job and being able to help our patients get better and learn to live a healthier life.

Meghan Cassel, RN, IgCN
Nurse Liason

I love my job because I get to help people learn how to eat healthy and feel good about themselves.

Tammy Henry, Customer Service

With many areas of expertise such as home infusion, compounding and functional medicine, I feel we are able to reach a lot of people, helping them live their best life. I love being a part of a team that strives to help people live their best life.

Michele Henke, Business Manager

My favorite part of working at Redline Specialty Pharmacy is being a part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of others, every day.

Janessa Schroeder, Marketing Specialist

My favorite part of working at Redline Specialty Pharmacy is the support we all give each other. We work together to help our patients get better.