Product Spotlight – Super Adrenal Stress Formula

Product Spotlight – Super Adrenal Stress Formula

This physician formulated, vegetarian supplement is designed to nutritionally replenish the glands, tissues and systems depleted by stress.
Expertly balanced, it combines special forms and carefully synergized proportions of vitamins and minerals essential to healthy, normal stress response function, adrenal hormone production, energy and stress resilience.

The caplet’s unique, integrated sustained release design gradually discharges the nutrients along the digestive tract over a period of 3-4 hours to promote optimal absorption and cellular utilization.

Super Adrenal Stress Formula supports adrenal resilience by providing the nutrients your adrenals need to function well. Every specially selected nutrient is delivered in optimal form and proportion for use in the adrenal hormone production cascade and is released gradually along the digestive tract for maximum absorption and cellular utilization.

When your adrenal glands are properly nourished and supported, they are better able to rebound from adrenal fatigue and are more resilient to stress.

Super Adrenal Stress Formula is available in a 90 ct. bottle ($38.96) or in a 150 ct. bottle ($53.96).