Topical Pain Cream Helps Michelle When She Was Out of Options

Topical Pain Cream Helps Michelle When She Was Out of Options

Many years of excess weight, a few falls, and a car accident that drove my knee into an oil pressure gauge has done wonders on my right knee.  I had it scoped once nearly 20 yrs ago after the accident, but it has continued to plague me.  Not a day went by that I wasn’t icing, applying heat or soaking.  It literally kept me awake so many nights.  When the swelling got really bad it threw the knee off and I hobbled to a point that it was causing me issues in my hip.

About 5 years ago I had a massive blood clot in my other leg, and passed a pulmonary embolism into my lung.  This put me on Coumadin for the rest of my life.  With Coumadin… are not allowed to take Ibuprofen or Aleve and I could not take ANY prescription level anti-inflammatory.  In an attempt to begin my journey to better health… first stop was to get that knee looked at.

I was told that I had arthritis in both sides of that knee, and a torn meniscus.  I COULD have surgery…..but it would only help the tear and nothing could be done for the arthritis.  I opted to not waste a long recovery on a surgery that would only partially repair me.  I did do an injection of steroids to take down the swelling and worked on physical therapy.  The shot wore off in about 7 months and I didn’t want to make that a habit so I focused on strengthening the knee and fighting through the pain.

As I have continued on my health journey I found myself at Redline for numerous other reasons and happened across some information on “Pain Management” and the trans-dermal creams.  I was sooooo excited that there might be SOMETHING that I could use safely and give me some pain relief!  I immediately contacted Jen Ramaekers at Redline Pharmacy who was working with me, she ran it past my doctor who’s already been listening to me complain for years!  He had tried numerous attempts at prescriptions for some low anti-inflammatories just to ease things, but Insurance would NEVER approve them with my health history!  They did APPROVE the cream from Redline!

From the first application I have been amazed at the relief I felt and I can see that the long term use is bringing down the swelling and day to day misery.  I make sure to apply the cream morning and night and if I know I’m in for a rough afternoon chasing kids around on the playground I go home and put on another application at lunch when needed.

Thank you Redline!!