Total Parenteral Nutrition Therapy (TPN)

Total Parenteral Nutrition Therapy (TPN)

Parenteral Nutrition represents one of the most notable achievements in modern medicine –  serving as a life- saving and sustaining therapy for all ages, and providing a critical role in reducing malnutrition and promoting positive health outcomes.

Redline Specialty Pharmacy offers home Total Parenteral Nutrition therapy to patients who, because of an illness or surgery, the stomach or bowel may not be functioning. 

TPN therapy supplies all daily nutritional requirements by IV for patients that have a non-functional gastrointestinal tract. TPN solutions are customized to meet the patient’s specific nutritional needs.

The Redline Specialty Pharmacy Nutrition Support Team consists of a nursing staff, pharmacists and a dietitian. Our team of specialists can work closely with you and your physican to make an easy transition from the hospital to home. From pediatric to elderly patients receiving nutritional therapy, Redline Specialty Pharmacy aims to provide the best possible care and in turn, offers an improved quality of life by allowing patients to return to their lifestyle.

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