Compounded Treatment for Warts & Acne

Compounded Treatment for Warts & Acne

As a Physicians Assistant, Heidi Combs commonly sees patients who are troubled with acne.  After trying multiple acne regimens for her teenage daughter who was seeing acne on her cheeks, forehead and chin, Heidi had a conversation with Redline Specialty Pharmacy (RSP).  She and one of our pharmacists decided to try a compounded medication made right here in the pharmacy lab made specifically for her daughter.

After years of having prescribed other dermatologic medications through RSP, Heidi was excited to try the acne compound on her daughter.  Within a week of using, Heidi and her daughter both could see a noticeable difference. Further applications helped clear up the acne.  Now her daughter only uses it on occasion when she has a breakout. Having prescribed medications through Redline Specialty Pharmacy for years, Heidi was excited to add this as an option to prescribe for her patients.

Heidi has also been impressed with one of our specifically compounded wart formulas.  Warts are a common problem for many people. She likes that application of this ointment comes without pain.  That benefit comes in handy for anyone, but especially for children. After more than 10 years of warts on her fingers, Heidi prescribed this for one of her staff members.  Success again! The formula took care of the warts and they have not come back.

Heidi states, “I love Redline Specialty Pharmacy!!  The pharmacists are always very knowledgeable and more than happy to help when I have questions!!”

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